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2016-12-05 20:34:08 UTC









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• Current activities in calendar:[view all]

Event Call: OF9X Santa Radio

2016-12-01 06:00:00 - 2016-12-31 23:59:59

Event Call: Special activity Santa Claus on…

2016-11-24 06:00:00 - 2017-01-06 23:59:59

• Upcoming calendar activities in the next 9 days:[view all]

Event Call: PC16XMAS Netherlands

in 9 hours

2016-12-06 06:00:00 - 2016-12-26 23:59:59

Contest: ARRL 10m Contest

in 4 days

2016-12-10 00:00:00 - 2016-12-11 23:59:59

Contest: 28MHz SWL Contest

in 4 days

2016-12-10 00:00:00 - 2016-12-11 23:59:59

• Most active users on site now:

flag of dxcc 227 F4HTV

image of f4htv

Christophe Esnau…

flag of dxcc 90 9Z4Y

image of 9z4y

Mark Fraser

flag of dxcc 209 ON1QX

image of on1qx

Rob Berge

flag of dxcc 239 HA7JIV

image of ha7jiv

Béla Bay

flag of dxcc 230 DL8MAE

image of dl8mae

Uwe Heinrich

flag of dxcc 224 OH3RL

image of oh3rl

Lauri Riikonen

flag of dxcc 291 K8RDG

image of k8rdg

David Roberts

flag of dxcc 272 CT1AGS

image of ct1ags

Vitor Carvalho

flag of dxcc 497 9A2KI

image of 9a2ki

Istok Kapov

flag of dxcc 291 KB1YXN

image of kb1yxn

Robert E. Leonard

• Our users on DX Cluster now:

Date / Timesort descFrequencyDX CallSpotterRemarks
2016-12-05 20:33:213734.0 kHzflag of dxcc 248 II5YOTAflag of dxcc 269 SP9QMP
2016-12-05 20:33:141850.0 kHzflag of dxcc 230 DK1NOflag of dxcc 150 VK6APZhere
2016-12-05 20:33:137243.0 kHzflag of dxcc 291 W1AWflag of dxcc 291 W0JTC59 in VA
2016-12-05 20:32:5610112.0 kHzflag of dxcc 227 FS/K9ELflag of dxcc 239 HA8LLKItaly DQRM,up1
2016-12-05 20:32:137088.0 kHzflag of dxcc 263 PD6LHflag of dxcc 248 IV3BUC5/9 tnx Ramona 73!
2016-12-05 20:31:2410112.0 kHzflag of dxcc 227 FS/K9ELflag of dxcc 291 K9IRup 1.25 FB sigs, tnx John!
2016-12-05 20:31:237014.0 kHzflag of dxcc 499 S509PMCflag of dxcc 499 S55Ncq info
2016-12-05 20:31:1714011.0 kHzflag of dxcc 422 C5GCJflag of dxcc 108 PY2VM1 up
2016-12-05 20:31:1014025.5 kHzflag of dxcc 227 FS/W9ILYflag of dxcc 291 K8WDXCW up 1
2016-12-05 20:30:4318140.0 kHzflag of dxcc 444 5T5TIflag of dxcc 291 NH7AASP 55 from Volcano HI
2016-12-05 20:30:3810119.0 kHzflag of dxcc 442 TZ5XRflag of dxcc 339 JH4CPC
2016-12-05 20:30:243523.0 kHzflag of dxcc 269 SQ65HSCflag of dxcc 288 UV1GJtnx QSO 73!
2016-12-05 20:30:133519.0 kHzflag of dxcc 239 HG30EUDXFflag of dxcc 54 R7GWCQ CQ
2016-12-05 20:30:125366.5 kHzflag of dxcc 223 G3SZGflag of dxcc 239 HA9SBtnx qso
2016-12-05 20:29:4314259.0 kHzflag of dxcc 248 IZ1MLCflag of dxcc 248 IN3MLKdiploma il Colosseo 5 PUNTI
2016-12-05 20:29:397124.9 kHzflag of dxcc 336 4Z5LAflag of dxcc 248 I8YAV
2016-12-05 20:29:1218085.0 kHzflag of dxcc 104 CP4BTflag of dxcc 104 CP4BTLotw via dj2bw
2016-12-05 20:28:313738.0 kHzflag of dxcc 248 II2YOTAflag of dxcc 248 IZ3HLJTNX QSO 73 OP SEBASTIAN
2016-12-05 20:28:261831.0 kHzflag of dxcc 514 4O/KC0Wflag of dxcc 503 OK2HB
2016-12-05 20:28:1210106.0 kHzflag of dxcc 89 VP5/W5CWflag of dxcc 497 9A2VJUP

• Latest activated users with images:

flag of dxcc 230 DL1NES

image of dl1nes

Georg Popp

flag of dxcc 230 DK7CH

image of dk7ch

Karl-heinz Spröd…

flag of dxcc 339 JQ1XQX

image of jq1xqx

Koji Morita

flag of dxcc 502 Z32U

image of z32u

Zoran Grozdanovs…

flag of dxcc 108 PY2EIO

image of py2eio

Manoel Lopes Lop…

flag of dxcc 224 OH1TD

image of oh1td

Tauno Karvo

flag of dxcc 230 DL3LI

image of dl3li

Claus Köster

flag of dxcc 223 M1AEC

image of m1aec


flag of dxcc 54 UA6CER

image of ua6cer

Ruslan V. Oleshko

flag of dxcc 339 JF3EQE

image of jf3eqe

Taizo Sato

• Today featured: flag of dxcc 223 M6PLR

image of m6plr

• Hottest QRG on DX Cluster now:

18140.0 kHz on 17m band
DX  5T5TI by  NH7AA

• Current activities in calendar:

OF9X Santa Radio

Special activity Santa Claus on th…

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